Partnering for a Brighter Community with Minit Car Wash

At Minit Car Wash, we believe in the power of community and the positive impact organizations can have on the lives of those they serve. We are excited to join hands with nonprofits, schools, and other organizations dedicated to making a difference.

Our Commitment to Community

Minit Car Wash is more than just a place to get your vehicle sparkling clean. We understand the importance of giving back and supporting the causes that matter most. That's why we've developed a unique fundraising program to help your organization thrive while offering our community the best in car care. 


Step One

Generate Your Unique Link, Keyword, & QR Codes

We'll set you up with a personalized link, keyword, and QR codes for your fundraising campaign. When your supporters purchase a car wash through this link, they'll receive a text with their wash details directly on their phone after checkout.

Step Two

Share Your Link, QR Code, and Keyword

Spread the word! Share your unique link, QR code, and keyword with your community, friends, and family. Every time someone makes a car wash purchase using your link, your organization receives 50% of the sale.

Step Three

Raise More Funds to Do More Good

With our simple and effective fundraising program, you'll not only keep your community's cars sparkling clean but also raise funds effortlessly. The more car washes purchased through your link, the more funds you'll accumulate to support the great initiatives of your organization.

Ready to make a difference? Fill out the form below to start your fundraising journey with Minit Car Wash. Together, let's make our community shine in a Minit!